Mouse wheel not working as expected

  Applies To 
  Product(s): WaterCAD, WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm, StormCAD, PondPack, SewerCAD, HAMMER
  Area:  Other
  Original Author: Jesse Dringoli, Bentley Technical Support Group


The middle mouse wheel is not functioning as expected. For example:

1) The mouse wheel does not zoom

2) When pressing the mouse wheel button, the program zooms instead of panning.

Problem Number 34930


1) First, ensure that the drawing pane has focus when attempting to use the mouse wheel. Click within the drawing pane first.

2) Confirm if the mouse wheel works with other programs, such as Microsoft Word or another Bentley product. If not, try swapping out the mouse with a known working one.

3) Check the mouse configuration under Control Panel > Mouse, or using a third party mouse settings application. Make sure that the wheel button is set to "middle button".

4) Try rebooting the computer

5) Try updating the mouse driver. First, uninstall the mouse driver, then navigate to the mouse manufacturer website to download and install the latest driver. You can also try updating via Windows Update.

6) Update your video/graphics driver

7) Toggle "accelerated redraw"