Water Loss Management

Bentley water solutions for water loss management and reduction

Bentley provides utilities and consulting firms with several solutions which can help them make decisions on how best to control leakage: replacing mains, repairing leads and/or reducing pressure to reduce leakage:

  • Bentley OpenUtilities Designer provides engineers with the information they need to identify areas with bad leak history, and perform analysis of whether to replace pipes or continue to repair them.
  • WaterGEMS' Darwin Calibrator* enables modelers to leverage flow and pressure data to find locations for more detailed sonic leak detection.
  • With WaterGEMS' Criticality Analysis, engineers can identify areas to be shut down to repair leaks and areas that will be impacted if they don't.
  • Sometimes there are leaks that can't be found (unavoidable leakage) or fixed in the near future. In that case, water professionals can use WaterGEMS' Pressure Dependent Demands (PDD) analysis to study the amount that you can expect to reduce leakage by reducing pressure, and look at the impact on customer service.

* Darwin Calibrator module is included with WaterGEMS. WaterCAD users can upgrade to WaterGEMS to utilize Darwin Calibrator.

Water Loss Management Introduction and Tips

As an introduction to water loss management, it is advisable that you read the following article before embarking on a leakage detection study:Tips for Water Loss Management and Leak Detection

Recorded demonstrations

 Learn more about these solutions by viewing their recorded demonstrations:

Other resources downloads

1 - Innovative Optimization Model for Water Distribution Leakage Detection, by Dr. Zheng Yi Wu, Bentley:

This paper describes the theory behind the leakage calibration methodology and optimization tool used in WaterCAD and WaterGEMS' Darwin Calibrator.

2 - Using Simulation and Optimization Models for Detecting Water Distribution Leakage, by Paul Sage, United Utilities (U.K.) -  BE Conference 2007

Learn how an optimization-based approach can simultaneously quantify and locate water losses using hydraulic model calibration that is formulated as a nonlinear optimization problem which is solved with a genetic algorithm.

3 - United Utilities Water Teams With Bentley to Establish New Method for Locating Hard-to-Find Water Leakage Sources, United Utilities Water and Bentley

4 - Automation Systems for Remote Control Operation and Water Leak Management, AKATT S.A.

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