Do inactive elements count against the license count?

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Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, StormCAD, CivilStorm, PondPack
Version(s): 10.XX.XX.XX
Area:  Licensing


Do inactive elements count against the license count? For instance, if a model has 2050 pipes and 75 of them are inactive, can the model be computed with a 2000 pipe license? 

Problem ID#: 70970


The answer depends on the version you're using:

CONNECT Edition and greater

Starting in the CONNECT Edition version of the software and newer, inactive elements are not counted against the license count.  

Note on Lateral elements: In version, lateral link elements count toward your total number of pipes/links, which is checked against the number of available pipes in your license. In version and above, laterals do NOT count toward your license limit.

V8i and and V8 XM

In V8i and V8 XM, the number of elements that are counted against the license included inactive elements. Even though the pipes are inactive, they are still included in the model database files.

To work around this, you could export the active elements as a submodel and import this into a new drawing. That will allow you to compute your model and not have to worry about running into a licensing issue. To do this, you would need to highlight the active elements in your model, then select File > Export > Submodel. You will then be able to import this submodel into a new drawing. You could also skeletonize your model either manually or using the Skelebrator feature in WaterGEMS.

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