Selecting junction or hydrant as the nearest node in Loadbuilder methods

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  Product(s): Bentley WaterGEMS, Bentley WaterCAD
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  Area:  Layout & Data Input
  Original Author: Sushma Choure, Bentley Technical Support Group


Can I select junction or hydrant as the nearest node in the load builder methods for assigning customer elements, as I can see only option of selecting junctions?


Loadbuilder is used for assigning the demands to the system, also for assigning customer elements. There is option of junctions as the nearest node or hydrants while using the nearest node method in Loadbuilder. This technote will explain how to select hydrant as option along with the junctions.


Currently LoadBuilder doesn't have a way to assign to Junctions and Hydrants at the same time - it's either Junctions OR Hydrants. This is a limitation that we plan to address. In the meantime here is a workaround:

Note: Before following these steps, please make a backup copy of your model.


1. In a backup copy of your model, open the Hydrant FlexTable (the table only needs to include the label field) and export them all to a Shapefile.

2. Do the same for the Pipes (the table should include the Pipe label and the Start Node and Stop Node fields).

3. Select all hydrants and delete them (remember to do this in a backup version of the model!). Some pipes will be deleted too.

4. Use ModelBuilder to add the Hydrants back as Junctions, and also add the Pipes back.

5. Run LoadBuilder to assign the Customers to the nearest pipe.

6. Open a Customer Meter FlexTable (the table only needs the Label and Associated Element fields) and export to a Shapefile.

7. Back in your original model, use ModelBuilder to assign the Customer Meter to the correct Associated Element.

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