Conduit "Size" attribute does not appear correctly in annotations or reports

Product(s): StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area: Output and Reporting


When using the conduit attribute "Size" in an annotation or Flextable report (including Custom Reports), a long string of characters (GUID) is displayed instead of the actual size of the conduit, similar to the screenshot below:


The "Size" property field is used for conduits that are set to use catalog conduits and is equivalent to the "Label" column in the Conduit Catalog:

The issue where the Size does not show properly occurs because of how the program stores the data for the Size property field in the database. The actual label is assigned to an internal unique ID (known as a GUID - Globally Unique Identifier) that appears as a long string of characters, which is what is displayed when annotating the "Size" property.

Note: this issue only occurs when using catalog conduits. This will not occur for user-defined conduit types since the Size property is not used.

Starting with the CONNECT Edition (10.00.00.XX), a new property called "Size (Display)" is available, which can be used to annotate the size label for catalog conduits. So, the solution is to use this field instead of "Size".

Workaround for older versions

For earlier, V8i releases, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used.

The simplest solution would be to annotate the conduit field "Diameter". This field will correspond to the "Inner Diameter" field found in the Conduit Catalog.

Depending on how the data is entered into the Conduit Catalog, "Diameter" may not correspond to the label in the Size field. For instance, the inner diameter for a 6 inch conduit may be 5.6 inches. If the Inner Diameter field is entered as 5.6 inches, this will be displayed as the value in the Diameter property and used as the annotation.

Another solution would be to create a new User Data Extension for the diameter (essentially a new custom field). This option would be used if the Inner Diameter value is insufficient; for example if you must annotate on the "nominal" size (the label that you entered). With this solution, the user would create a text type User Data Extension (Tools > User Data Extensions) that will represent the diameter. The user can add this User Data Extension to the conduit FlexTable, then copy and paste the data from the Size column to the User Data Extension field. (see this article for how to copy/paste) The user can then create an annotation based on the new User Data Extension. Note: the User Data Extension must be set as "Text" type in order for this to work.