ArcMap / ArcGIS compatibility

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  Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
  Area:  Other
  Original Author: Mark Pachlhofer, Bentley Technical Support Group


Which versions of WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS and HAMMER support which versions of ArcGIS?


A matrix of supported versions of ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro for each version of WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS and HAMMER is available here:

Platform Compatibility

Note that for ArcMap, the version shown in the matrix represents the latest compatible version which we have fully tested (certified). Earlier versions of ArcMap are also supported, in that the OpenFlows product will attempt to integrate with it and if a problem arises, Technical Support will assist. However it is generally recommended that you use the latest compatible ArcMap version shown in the above article.

For ArcGIS Pro, version compatibility may not follow the same pattern as ArcMap mentioned above. For example version of WaterGEMS supports version 2.6 of ArcGIS Pro, and we anticipate higher 2.x versions will also integrate, but version 2.5 and below will NOT.

For more information on ArcGIS Pro integration, see: ArcGIS Pro Integration