Where do I go to change the analysis type, timestep, duration, etc?

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
Area: Layout and Data Input 


Where do I go to change the analysis type, timestep, duration, etc?


In previous versions (7.0 and below), this was done in the "GO" window. In V8i and CONNECT Edition versions, this is done in the calculation options.

To access the calculation options, click the Analysis menu and choose "calculation options". Then, double click your calculation option set to see the properties.

To choose the analysis type, such as steady state, EPS, water age, select the appropriate choice for the "analysis type" field. For steady state and EPS, select "hydraulics only" and then select the appropriate choice for the "time analysis type". Once EPS, Age, Trace or constituent is selected, you can then choose the duration, timestep, etc.

After you configure the calculation options, make sure your calculation option set is selected for the appropriate scenario. To do this, go to Analysis > Scenarios, double click the scenario in question and make sure the correct calculation option set is selected. Multiple scenarios can use/reference the same calculation option set and multiple calculation option sets can be created. For example, you can duplicate an EPS calculation option set in the calculation options manager, select a different duration and use that in a child scenario to analyze a longer period, while keeping the old scenario intact.

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