Age (Calculated) vs. Age (Minimum) vs. Age (Maximum)

  Product(s): Bentley WaterGEMS
  Version(s): 08.XX.XX.XX
  Environment: N\A
  Area: Output and Reporting
  Subarea: N\A


What is the difference between the "Age (Calculated)", "Age (Minimum)" and "Age (Maximum)" result fields?

Problem ID#: 55856,


"Age (Calculated)" shows how old the water is at the current timestep. You can change the timestep using the Time Browser under the Analysis menu.

"Age (maximum)" and "Age (Minimum)" show the highest and lowest age of water at that point, over the entire EPS.

If you graph "Age (Calculated)", you will see how the age of water at that point in the model changes over time. The oldest that it gets should correspond to the "Age (maximum)".