Error Saving: "Custom results path is invalid"

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, StormCAD, CivilStorm, PondPack
Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
Area: Output and Reporting


The following error appears when saving a model:

"Custom results path is invalid"


This message refers to the ability to set a custom results file path, where the hydraulic model results are stored to a folder of your choosing. If that folder path is no longer valid, you will get the message above.

  1. Go to File Options (or for V8i: Tools > Options) and select the Project tab.

  2. Verify the "root path", "path format", and the final "path" are correct. Problems can arise if the "path format" is not valid - delete the contents and re-select an option from the fly-out menu if needed.

When this box is checked, the result files are placed in the directory as specified in the Path field described below, when the model is saved. Similarly, these files will be opened from this same location when the model is opened. This situation might be used in cases where the model is stored in a network location, to reduce the amount of time taken to open the model (since it would be downloading all those files if saved to the network folder). If you are in this situation, each person who needs to work on the model will need to have the same directory on their computer. For example you can standardize on something short like C:\BentleyOutputFiles\

Note that when the model is opened, these files are temporarily copied to the Windows temporary folder and the program uses that as it's working directory. After the model is closed, the files are stored in the custom results file path.

When this box is unchecked (the default), the result files get saved to the same folder as the model.

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