Importing controls for a valve with ModelBuilder returns validation message: "Element for the action is not recognized"

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
Version(s): 08.11.xx.xx, 10.00.xx.xx
Area: Modeling
Original Author: Scott Kampa, Bentley Technical Support


After importing controls for a valve through Modelbuilder, validation messages appear that say the element for the action is not recognized. This message goes away after manually selecting the setting in the Control dialog. How can this validation issue be resolved?

Problem ID#: 80585


A simple solution may be available, depending on how your controls are formatted. Using the CONNECT Edition release of the products, there is an import and export feature included in the Control manager. This will make it easier to move controls from one model to another. The section "Import and Export of Controls" in the following link has information on this: Creating Controls - Conditions, Actions, and Control Sets (CONNECT Edition and V8i SELECTseries 6)

Otherwise, this issue can occur when the program doesn't know what element type is being used. There is a relatively simply fix for this on the Excel spreadsheet used to import the controls. You will need to add a new column to Excel worksheet with a label like "ELEMENT_TYPE_ID". You will need to set the value of this cell to the appropriate valve of the ElementTypeID for the element. A list of these are included below. Once this is done, in the ModelBuilder setup you will need to map this column to "Element Type (ID)" field. When synced this will tell the action what type of element is being used.

Here are the pertinent element type values:

[For actions]
Pipe: 69
Pump: 68
TCV: 61
GPV: 62
FCV: 60
PRV: 63

[For conditions]
Node: 50 (primarily junctions/hydrants and any other standard node supported by conditions)
Tank: 52
Pump: 68
Pipe: 69
PRV: 63
FCV: 60
GPV: 62
TCV: 61
Hydro Tank: 302
Surge Tank: 308

See Also

Creating Controls - Conditions, Actions, and Control Sets (CONNECT Edition and V8i SELECTseries6)

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