Find if pump operates off of the pump curve during an automated fire flow scenario


WaterGEMS, WaterCAD

Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area: Output and Reporting


Is there a way to see if a pump is operating off the pump curve during an automated fire flow scenario?


In order to find out if a pump is running off the curve you will use the fire flow results browser(Analysis > Fire Flow Results Browser).

Below are the steps for doing this.

1) In the fire flow alternative you will need to set the "Fire Flow Auxiliary Results Type" to All Nodes.

2) Create a selection set that includes all your pumps that run during your fire flow and set this for the "Auxiliary output selection set" in your Fire Flow Alternative.

3) Run your Fire flow scenario

4) Color Code or annotate your pumps using the field "Pump Exceeds operating range?" and pick your pumps selection set to color code on.

5) Now you can use the fire flow results browser and click on each row to see when your pumps are operating off the curve for that particular fire flow run.

If you want to force the pump to turn off at flows beyond the range you defined in the pump curve, a possible workaround would be to use the “multipoint” pump curve type, with the “use linear interpolation” calculation option set to True. Then you can add a point on the pump curve with zero head and the same flow (or slightly higher) than the maximum flow on your actual pump curve.

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