How to copy/paste labels for selection sets, named views, and graphs into excel?

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
Version(s): 10.XX.XX.XX, 08.11.XX.XX
Area: Output and Reporting


Where can I find the labels / names for selection sets, named views, and graphs so I can paste them into an excel spreadsheet?

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In order to get the labels for the graphs you will have to locate the .WTG or .STSW file for this project. The .WTG file is used for WaterCAD, WaterGEMS and HAMMER. The .STSW file is used for SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, StormCAD and CivilStorm. Once you locate it you will need to open it with a text editor like notepad, wordpad, or notepad ++. Once opened you will need to use the program's find feature to locate the area where graphs are stored. If you input the words "GraphElement" into the find feature it should bring you to where you'll need to be. You should see multiple lines similar to the one below:

<GraphElement ChartType="0" SeriesLabelFormat="$(Element) -$(Scenario) - $(Field)" Label="Graph - 1" ElementTypeId="-1" SelectedScenarioIDs_Count="1" ..........

Here you will find the property of the XML element called 'Label' with the name of the graph next to it. In this case the graph is just named "Graph-1".  You will want to copy and paste all these names into the excel spreadsheet if you'd like to include them.

In this file you will also find the named view labels. You'll need to use the same process to find and copy them except when you use the find feature in your text editor input the words "namedview" and you'll be brought to the correct location. You'll look for a line similar to the one below:

<NamedViewElement Id="0" Label="Named View - 1" ParentId="-1" NamedViewNodeType="1" LowerLeftX="-221.07142857142858" .........

For older versions of our products (those that use a .MDB file instead of a .SQLITE file, Labels for selection sets are located in the database. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Open Excel
2. Go to Data->Connections->Add
3. Browse for More... select the MDB...
4. Select "HMIModelingElement" in the list...
5. once the connection is listed, click on Properties...
6. Go to the Definition tab...
7. Change the command type from 'Table' to 'SQL'

Under "Command Text" type the following:

SELECT Label FROM HMIModelingElement, HMISelectionSet WHERE HMIModelingElement.ElementID = HMISelectionSet.SelectionSetID AND HMIModelingElement.IsDeleted = False;

8. Close the connections dialog...

9. Go to Data tab->Existing Connections... select the connection we just created and click on Open...

10. Excel will prompt for the location where to insert the result of the query (as a pivot-table)...

For newer versions that use .SQLITE files, you'll need to use a different application that can work with SQLITE databases.

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