General SentinelLM Server [FAQ]

Product(s): SentinelLM Server
Version(s): Applies to OpenFlows (previously Haestad) Pre-XM versions only
Area: Licensing

How do I install SentinelLM on the host/server machine?

  • If you need to install SentinelLM, please contact Bentley Technical Support to get the downloads.
  • Run the setup.exe included in the zip file. If you want to install a new license file, open your SentinelLM License Management Administration application (otherwise known as WLMAdmin.exe). The location of this application varies from machine to machine, but can usually be found by clicking Start > All Programs > Rainbow Technologies > SentinelLM7.X.
  • Expand the list of Subnet servers and right click on the server that will manage the attached licenses.
  • Select 'Add Feature'
  • Select 'From a File'
  • Select 'To Server and its File'
  • Browse to where you have saved the attached text file, select the file, and click open. The license should now be added.You will see the software are names listed under the server if the license has been added correctly.

What port does the Sentinel License Manager use?

Sentinel uses UDP port number 5093.

What is Sentinel error "SentinelLM Error [19]: Failed to add license code"?

You may have been sent a redundant license file. In the license string (which should be listed in the error itself), it may show " REDUNDANT instead of "NON_REDUNDANT". We do not support this method of network licensing. If you intended to use a redundant network license file, you will need to follow the special instructions in the user guide (Start > programs > Rainbow Technologies > SentinelLm 7.2.0 > SentinelLM System Administrator's Guide).

If you did not intend to receive a redundant license, it may have been sent in error. If this is the case, you may need to re-request the license file, specifiying that you would like it to be non-redundant.

Does SentinelLM servers interfere with other license manager software packages?

No, our SentinelLM servers and daemons operate in such a way as to not interfere with other software packages. Rainbow Technologies (the manufacturer of SentinelLM) has also gone the extra step and registered the UDP ports used with the IANA port authority.  However, it may interfere with other servers manufactured by Rainbow Technologies, i.e FlexLM.    

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