Detention Times for a pond in PondPack

  Product(s): PondPack
  Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
  Area: Modeling


Where do I find the Detention Times for a pond in PondPack CONNECT Edition or PondPack V8i?

Problem ID#: 55852


Note: If you're looking for the Minimum Drain Time, this is found under Analysis > Calculators > Minimum Drain Time.

First, select “Compute all methods” for the “Detention Time” field in the properties of the pond:

Next, compute the model. Open Report Builder either from the calculation summary or from Report > Report Builder.

Scroll down to the “Pond Routing” section of Report Builder, select the “Detention Time” report and click the “generate preview” button

The report that appears will show the detention times:

If the “Detention times” entry does not appear in the list under report builder, you may have a report filter set. To check this, look at the selection in the dropdown next to “Active Filter”. Set this to “Default” to ensure the detention times report will show. To check which reports are enabled in a certain report filter, click the Report Filter button at the top:

Click the name of the report filter you’re using, then click the yellow edit button at the top:

Ensure that “Detention Time” is checked, under the “Pond Routing” category:

The Detention Time report should now show in Report Builder with that filter selected: