What’s new in StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS and CivilStorm V8i SELECTseries 5 with CONNECT Integration?

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Note on Model Version Compatibility
  • Patches
  • CONNECT Integration
    • Informational Prompt when Opening or Creating a Hydraulic Model
    • Assign Project to Hydraulic Model Dialog
    • Connect Integrated Status Bar and CONNECTION Client Sign In Dialog
    • Bentley Cloud Services Menu
    • Publish i-model to My Shared Files
  • Easier Export to Excel
  • FlexTable Improvements
    • Element Auto zoom
    • "Select in Drawing" for selected row
    • Create selection sets from selected row
    • Context Menu to quickly add or remove column
    • Open subset of rows through Right-click menu
    • Freeze Column capability
    • Sort arrow to indicate what is sorted and which direction
    • Faster filter workflow with auto selection feature
    • FlexTable text search
    • Global Edit on selected cells

  • What else was added in the initial SELECTseries 5 release (


Bentley Hydraulics and Hydrology CONNECT integrated products allow you to associate hydraulic models with a CONNECTED project. By associating a project with a Hydraulic Model, Bentley will track which documents you use and time spent on your project and provide detailed project reports.


Other benefits of CONNECT integration include:

  • Better project time accounting
  • Project performance analytics
  • Project based learning and recommendations

Starting a model with a CONNECT services product opens a CONNECTION client on your computer which enables you to access services on other Bentley web and cloud servers. The CONNECTION client is the desktop application that enables the user to access various CONNECT integration features. The CONNECTION client runs in the background and does not require the user to regularly interact with it.


Bentley Cloud Services refers to the environment fostered by the CONNECT integration release, where users can collaborate on projects using the web and the cloud through the user's CONNECTION Center.


In addition to the CONNECT integration, this release also implements many other time saving enhancements. You can now easily export your project's time series data to Excel format. There have also been many significant improvements to FlexTables

A Note on Model Version Compatibility

The model database structure (schema) did not change between the previous release (SELECTseries 5, and this release. So, models saved in version can be opened by users with the initial SELECTseries 5 release ( If a problem is encountered, try removing the .STSW.DWH file before opening the model in the older version. File saved in or cannot be opened in SELECTseries 4 or earlier.


This release includes all fixes to high priority issues previously patched in version

CONNECT Integration

Informational Prompt when Opening or Creating a Hydraulic Model

The following informational dialog will appear if you are signed in to the CONNECTION client when opening or creating a hydraulic model that does not already have an associated CONNECTED project.

To prevent this dialog from appearing in the future: Check "Do not prompt again" and click OK.

To enable the prompt again: Open the Tools menu and select options. In the Global tab, click the Prompts button. Then, uncheck "CONNECTED Project Notification" and click OK.

Assign Project to Hydraulic Model Dialog

The Assign Project to Hydraulic Model dialog can be used to register a new project, search for existing projects, and assign a project to a hydraulic model.

Note: This dialog will appear if you are signed in to the CONNECTION client when opening or creating a hydraulic model that does not already have an associated CONNECT project.

Register a Project: Opens the Register a Project page in your browser. Alternately, you can visit connect.bentley.com and select +New on the Recent Projects tile on your personal dashboard.

Note: Only users with Admin/Co-admin roles can register a project.

Refresh: Updates the list of projects. This may be necessary after creating a new project.

View: Filters the project list to display projects added to your favorites, projects recently accessed, or it can be set to display all projects.

Search: Finds projects by entering project information (number, name, location, industry, or asset type).

Note: Do not use the asterisk wildcard * when searching.

See the articles Associate Project to a Hydraulic Model and Register a Project for more information.

Connect Integrated Status Bar and CONNECTION Client Sign In Dialog

The CONNECTION client is installed with the CONNECT Integrated version of the Hydraulics and Hydrology product.

When opening the CONNECT integrated version the right side of the status bar will either display a user icon or "Sign in".

Clicking "Sign in" will display the CONNECTION Client sign-in dialog.

From here, you can click the Register link to quickly create a profile, or sign in with your existing account information.

Once you're signed in to the CONNECTION client you will see the user icon on the status bar.

Clicking on the user icon will give options to go to your CONNECTION Center or to sign out.

Once a project has been assigned to a hydraulic model, the project name (or a truncated version) will appear to the left of the user icon on the status bar.

Clicking on the project name in the status bar will open the Project Portal.

Bentley Cloud Services Menu

The new Bentley Cloud Services menu provides quick access to your Personal and Project Portals. There are also options to associate or disassociate a CONNECTED Project with your file.

The "Disassociate Project" and "Project Portal" options are only available if a project is associated with the hydraulic model. All options will be greyed-out if you are not signed in to the CONNECTION client.

Publish i-model to My Shared Files

You can now publish a hydraulic model's .imodel to a personal share on your CONNECTION Center. To do this:

  1. Go to File > Export > Publish Map Mobile i-model…
  2. Check "Publish .imodel to Personal Store"
  3. Specify export settings and click OK

Note: A hydraulic model does not need to be associated with a CONNECTED project to be published to your personal share.

To access the personal share:

Option 1: Click the user icon on the status bar and select Personal Portal (CONNECTION Center)

Option 2: Open the Bentley Cloud Services menu and select Personal Portal (CONNECTION Center)

Option 3: Go to connect.bentley.com and sign in.

You can view i-models with Bentley Map Mobile (Free)Bentley View (Free), Bentley Navigator, and MicroStation.

Export to Excel

Previously, data could be exported to Excel via the FlexTables, but needed to be done one by one and did not include time series. Now, there is an ability to export data for all element types at once, including time series (results over time). 



  1. Go to, File > Export > Export to Excel.
  2. Then, in the Export to Excel dialog, specify properties and elements to be exported. Click OK. Note: these settings will be saved for the next export.
  3. In the FlexTable Export dialog, select either Excel or CSV format and specify where it will be exported. Click OK

FlexTable Improvements

Several usability improvements have been added to FlexTables. See below related article:

New Flextable features in (Water products) and (Storm/Sewer products)

Element Auto zoom

Selecting a FlexTable row header and pressing enter will zoom to that element.

Note: This feature has also been added to the Alternative grids.

Freeze, Select, Add, Remove Columns

The FlexTables have some very useful new features added. By right clicking on the grey column headers you will see the Freeze Column, Select Column, Add Column, and Remove Column options. 

Freeze Column – Will freeze that column and all columns to the left of it, so when you have a lot of columns in your FlexTable and need to scroll to the right you can freeze columns. For example, this is come be useful to keep a column like the label constantly visible for identification purposes as you access other columns.

Select Column – Allows you to easily select all the records in that column, which is useful if you want to copy the data from that row to spreadsheet.

Add Column and Remove Column – In previous versions in order to add or remove a columns, you’d need to click the edit button at the top of the FlexTable, but now you can easily select a property to add to your FlexTable through the add column option. When you move your mouse cursor over the add option a popup menu appears that breaks all the columns down by their category (general, physical, results, geometry, etc…). This makes finding properties much simpler than choosing from the entire alphabetized listed using the edit button in previous version. If you still prefer the using the edit button to add and remove your columns you will still have that option. 

Element selection by highlighting rows

Another feature that adds great flexibility is the ability to select rows in the FlexTable by clicking on them. Rows are selected the same way you select them in an Excel spreadsheet.  Once selected you can right click on the row header and choose “Open on Selection”. This will filter your FlexTable by the rows you’ve choose.

This will allow you to perform tasks such as creating a selection set or adding to a selection set with more ease.  It will also allow you to select the elements in the drawing that you have selected in the FlexTables. In previous versions both of these tasks would have to be done in the drawing pane or by using queries.  

The screen shots below show the process of filtering a FlexTable on row selection and show the menus for making selection sets and selecting elements in the drawing. 

While the FlexTable is filtered you now also have the option to right click and global edit on a column for only the features in that selection set.

Note: This feature has also been added to the Alternative grids.

Sort arrow

In the screen shot below you’ll see a small arrow has been added to columns that are sorted to indicated whether the sort is in ascending or descending order. 

Faster filter work workflow with auto selection

When your right click on a column and choose to filter it using a custom query that column will now automatically be selected in the query builder to allow for faster queries to be created. In the screen shot below if you right-clicked on the diameter field outlined in blue and choose to filter by a custom query the diameter field in red would be automatically selected when the query builder opened. 

Find text in the FlexTable for faster feature location and selection

Click the binoculars icon 

It will open this dialog that allow you to enter text to search the FlexTable

What else was added in the initial SELECTseries 5 release (

If you upgraded from SELECTseries 4 or below, you may be interested to know about the other features and enhancements added in the Initial SELECTseries 5 release ( The following links describe the many features and improvements included in the initial SELECTseries 5 release of Bentley Storm and Sanitary products (

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