How do Taps and Laterals work in the storm and sewer products?

  Product(s): StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
  Version(s): 08.11.05.xx and higher
  Area: Modeling


How do Taps and Laterals work in the storm and sewer products?


A Tap is a type of node that connects the lateral to the conduit or channel. It enables the user to add inflows along a conduit or channel without the need to break the link element into multiple elements. There could be a number of lateral connections to a single trunk conduit or channel. The flow comes from the upstream catch basin, down the lateral, and to the tap. The flow from the tap is then contributed to the conduit or channel it's connected to. The flows from each lateral are assumed to enter the network at the upstream end of the connected conduit in the GVF-Rational and GVF-Convex solvers, and at the Tap node in the Explicit (SWMM) solver. They are not supported in the Implicit (DW) solver.

Although it can be used with manholes in a sewer model, the primary use of the Tap and Lateral element are road and site design engineers and OpenRoads users (see above) because this level of detail is more significant when working with a physical model. For example, an OpenRoads user (starting with the SS4 release as mentioned above) might need to use the Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) clash detection tool, in which case the exact location of the lateral and tap is important. Since this is the primary intent of the tap and lateral feature, it is not recommended to use this in very large models, where Modelbuilder would be required to import a large number of taps and laterals.

Starting with the CONNECT Edition, a new Property Connection element was introduced, where a single node representing a property can be associated directly with a node on the trunk main.

Note: Taps and laterals are not supported in the Implicit dynamic solver. With the Explicit (SWMM) solver, laterals are treated as "dummy" conduits. The SewerCAD (GVF-Convex) solver does not do any hydraulic calculations in the lateral pipe.

Note on licensing:  In version, lateral link elements count toward your total number of pipes/links, which is checked against the number of available pipes in your license. In future versions above, laterals should NOT count toward your license limit.

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