Deleted or Inactive element is still displayed in drawing

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, StormCAD, CivilStorm, PondPack
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX and 10.00.XX.XX
Area: Modeling


An element has been deleted from a model, or the Display Inactive Topology box is un-checked, but it still appears in the drawing pane.


1. Refresh Drawing and enable Auto Refresh

To refresh the drawing, go to the View menu and click Refresh, or press F5.

To enable "Auto Refresh", go to the View menu, click the down arrow next to Refresh and select "Auto Refresh". A check mark will appear when it is enabled.

2. Refresh Element Symbology

To do this, go to the View menu, select "Symbology" and then click the "Refresh Element Symbology" icon as shown below. There are also options for Refreshing Annotations, Updating Annotation Offsets, and Updating Annotation Heights if you need to perform one of those specific tasks.

3. Compact Database and Synchronize Drawing

To do this, go to the File menu, select "Database Utilities", then select "Compact Database" and "Synchronize Drawing".

Select Yes in the respective warning dialogs.

See: Compacting a database for optimal performance and general troubleshooting

4. Delete .DWH File

When a model is saved it should have an associated .DWH file, which contains information on how the model is rendered in the drawing pane. Close the model, locate this file, and delete it. Upon reopening the model the file will be regenerated.

See Also

Compacting a database for optimal performance and general troubleshooting

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