General WaterCAD 7.0 Or WaterGEMS 3.0 [FAQ]

Product(s): Bentley WaterCAD, WaterGEMs
Version(s): 3.0, 7.0
Area: N/A

How do I fix "input error: 299hm" error?

First, close your software. Then, Browse to your program's folder (for example, C:\program files\haestad\wtrc\ or  C:\program files\Bentley\WaterGEMS) and find license.ini (you may need to go to tools>folder options>view and uncheck "hide extensions for known file types" so you can see the .ini extension). You may also need to go to view>details and click the "name" column heading to sort in alphabetical order by name, then scroll down to find license.ini. Once you have located the file, make a copy of it by rightclicking and going to "copy". Now, browse to the root of your hard drive (C:\ in most cases) and paste the copy of license.ini there. Make sure you click on a blank space, rightclick, then go to "paste".


How do I integrate WaterGEMS 3.0 with ArcGIS 9.2?

ArcGIS 9.2 is not supported by WaterGEMS 3.0 and may cause Arcmap to crash. In order to properly integrate, you will need to upgrade to WaterGEMS V8 XM.
If you would like to stay with WaterGEMS 3.0, then to fix your arcmap, you must unregister some WaterGEMS components. Please follow these steps:
Save the following file to your WaterGEMS install folder (the default is C:\Program Files\Bentley\Wtrg\) and run it from there.
Save the following file to your WaterGEMS extensions folder (the default is C:\Program Files\Bentley\Wtrg\extensions\) and run it from there.
These 2 batch files will unregister the WaterGEMS COM components related to ArcGIS.

How to import WaterGEM 3.0 or WaterCAD 7.0 files to WaterCAD V8 XM or V8i standalone while preserving the old presentation settings?

Opening old WaterCAD models in WaterCAD or WaterGEMS V8 [VID] 

How do I import Cybernet project in WaterGEMS 3.0/WaterCAD 7? 

In order to open Cybernet project in WaterGEMS/WaterCAD, you must have .inp file type.  

Go to File > Import > Network and select cybernet 2.0 and browse to cybernet file and open it.  Once you open this file in version 3.0 or version 7 of WaterCAD, you just need to save it to see real conversion.  After saving it in WaterGEMS/WaterCAD go back to the project directory, you should now see a .wcd and .mdb files converted from Cybernet. 

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