How to set the common graph fields

  Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, PondPack
  Version(s): Varies
  Area: Output and Reporting


Upon creating a graph, each element type will have a default property (or multiple) selected.

This article explains how to customize which properties will be selected by default when creating a graph of an element.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Decide what changes you want to make. For this example, the pump property "Head (pump)" will be added to the list of common properties in the Graph Series Options dialog.

2. Use Query Builder to determine the FieldName that corresponds with the property you want to be selected by default.

a. To display the Queries dialog, open the View menu and select Queries.
b. In the Queries dialog, click the New icon and select Query.
c. Select the element type and click OK.
d. Double-click on the property to paste the FieldName in the bottom pane.
e. Note the property's FieldName

3. Close the application

4. Go to the following folder:

C:\Program Data\Bentley\[ProgramName]\8\

5. Open CommonGraphFields.xml with a text editor.

6. Locate the DomainElementTypeID that corresponds with the element you want to edit using the following table.

Water Distribution Products Storm & Sanitary Products
DomainElementTypeID Element DomainElementTypeID Element
23 SCADA 1 Manhole
52 Tank 2 Catch Basin
54 Hydrant 3 Conduit
55 Junction 4 Channel
56 Reservoir 5 Outfall
60 FCV 6 Catchment
61 TCV 7 Pond
62 GPV 9 Cross Section
64 PRV 10 Gutter
65 PSV 12 Wet Well
66 PBV 13 Pressure Junction
68 Pump 14 Pressure Pipe
69 Pipe 15 Transition
70 Spot Elevation 23 SCADA
71 Isolation Valve 24 Lateral
72 VSPB 68 Pump
300 Turbine 72 Variable Speed Pump Battery
301 Air Valve 301 Air Valve
302 Hydropneumatic Tank 701 Low Impact Development Control
303 Surge Valve 800 Headwall
305 Discharge to Atmosphere 305 Discharge to Atmosphere
306 Rupture Disc 306 Rupture Disc
307 Orifice Between Pipes 307 Orifice Between Pipes
308 Surge Tank 308 Surge Tank
309 Check Valve 309 Check Valve
310 Valve With Linear Area Change 310 Valve With Linear Area Change
321 Periodic Head-Flow 321 Periodic Head-Flow
700 Pump Station 700 Pump Station

7. Find that DomainElementID in the GraphDefaults.xml file and edit the associated fields.

  • NumberDefaultFields: Specify the number of fields you want to be checked by default.
  • FieldName: Enter the value taken from Query Builder.
  • ResultRecordName: This is the beginning of the FieldName (Before the "_").

8. To add another field, copy the line that begins with "<DefaultField…" and paste it on the line below. Then edit the FieldName and ResultRecordName.
For this example, this is what the edited section looks like:

9. Save the XML file, open the application, and create a graph to see if the changes were applied

To Restore the Original Defaults

1. Close the program.
2. Delete the CommonGraphDefaults.xml.
3. Make a copy of the CommonGraphFields.bak and rename it to CommonGraphFields.xml.
4. Open the program. A new CommonGraphFields.xml file should be created with the original defaults.

Quick Graph in CONNECT Edition (Version 10.00.00.XX and later)

The CONNECT Edition release includes a new feature called "Quick Graph". This feature allows you to see a graph of a desired result that updates to display information for the selected element(s). See the article "Quick Graph" for more information.

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