Modeling an Ideal Pump (Outflow matches Inflow)

  Product(s):  SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
  Version(s): As of
  Area: Modeling


Is it possible to model an "Ideal" pump, where the outflow from the pump will match the inflow?

This might be used for example for preliminary design before the pump is sized.


Currently it is not possible to directly model an Ideal pump, but this may be considered in a future release (Enhancement # 222975) 

In the meantime, the best option would be to use the Flow-Depth pump curve type. This will allow you identify the flow for a given depth in the wet well. While not the same as the ideal pump curve option available in EPA-SWMM, it may be the easiest to work with for most models.

Another option would be to use the SewerCAD solver. There is an option for using pumped flows in model calculation, to reproduce the wetwell inflow into the downstream receiving gravity main.

You could also try applying an inflow to a pressure node instead of using the wet well and pump. Basically, you would have a base inflow and a pattern for the change in flow. This would work best at an upstream node. Otherwise, it would take some trial and error to find the right flow pattern.

If you are wanting to pass along wetwell inflow into the next-downstream gravity node, you could copy/paste the wetwell inflow hydrograph as a hydrograph load on the downstream manhole.

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