Reporting Details of Fittings (Minor Losses) for Each Pipe

  Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER
  Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
  Area: Output and Reporting


How can I list all pipe fittings in the model plan view or in reports? For example to conform with Chapter 22 of NFPA 13

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In the pipe properties, if you have selected "False" for "Specify local minor losses", you can enter a list of specific minor losses in the Minor Losses collection. You can specify multiple minor losses per pipe. To export this for reporting purposes, you can set up a spreadsheet and connection in Modelbuilder using the table type "Pipe, Minor Losses".

Create a spreadsheet with columns for Pipe Label, Fitting name and quantity, then map to these fields in Modelbuilder, using the pipe label column as the Key Field.

In the last step of Modelbuilder, choose No when asked to build the model. Then, back in the Modelbuilder manager, select the entry corresponding to the spreadsheet and click the “Sync out” button. You’ll then have a spreadsheet with the list of fittings and quantity for each pipe.

Note: if you need to also include other pipe attributes in your report, such as the diameter, you could set up a separate ModelBuilder connection to another worksheet in the same spreadsheet file, then set up a VLOOKUP in the worksheet that has the fittings to be able to report the diameter.

Plan View

You can color code and/or annotate pipes to more easily identify from the drawing pane which ones have a fitting. This could be done on the field "Minor Losses <count>" or the calculated "Minor loss coefficient (derived)". Of course, if there are multiple fittings and you want to know which pipes have a certain fitting, that gets more complex because when “specify local minor loss” is set to False, the list of fittings is entered in a “collection” that resides within the junction, requiring you to “drill into” (open the collection) to view the list. One possible option would be to add a text user data extension where you could list the names of the fittings and quantity, then annotate on that.

A note on NFPA 13 Chapter 22 Reports

Starting the the CONNECT Edition release of WaterCAD and WaterGEMS, a new Custom Reports feature will be available. This will give you the flexibility you need to produce a report per the format defined in NFPA 13 Chapter 22. You can configure it to show custom lines of text (such as a table of contents), flextables, graphs, plan view, etc.

If you need to calculate and report on equivalent length of fittings, you may be able to use a formula-derived User data extension to calculate the equivalent pipe length based on the calculated minor loss field in the results of the pipe. For more on Formula UDX, see the links in the "See Also" below. You could then include this in your flextable and it will update dynamically as computed headloss changes.

Note that sprinkler systems are not the main intent of WaterCAD and WaterGEMS and as such, a dedicated sprinkler software may be more suitable.

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