Water quality Analysis during transient events

Product(s): Bentley Hammer
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area: Modeling


Can I perform water quality analysis during Transient analysis using Hammer?


Water quality plays a major role in any distribution system, so there are always questions about the quality of water during the transient analysis and should this factor be considered or not. 


The change in water quality in a distribution system during a transient event is essentially negligible as long as there is no any kind of intrusion like soil and earth contaminants into the distribution system. A transient event seldom takes longer than a few minutes and not much changes in terms of water quality. That is why water quality analysis during transient event is not considered using HAMMER.

The major water quality concern during transients is intrusion, if there are cross connections or leaks in saturated soil and the transient pressure becomes negative, contaminants can be pulled into the system. There have been a number of studies on this in recent years, this is why you want to ensure that pressures don't become negative during transient events.

Water quality analysis can be performed using WaterGEMS or WaterCAD. Details and more information can be found under See Also section. 

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