Profile Print Preview is cut off or does not display the profile

  Product(s): StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
  Version(s): 08.11.xx.xx
  Area: Output and Reporting


When viewing a profile in Print Preview or printing the profile, the profile either does not display all (leaving only the header and footer), or it is cut off and the entire profile is not visible.



This issue may be caused by the display settings on your computer. To fix this, try the following steps.

Close the program and open the Windows Control Panel, then choose Display. Depending on the operating system, you may see either a dropdown box of a slider per the screenshots below, to change the Scale Factor / Scaling. When the slider is set to the middle, or the "scale" larger than 100%, this may cause the issue in question.

Therefore, we recommend either moving the slider to the "smaller" side, or selecting 100% for the scale, then click Apply. This will change the appearance of applications on your computer, basically making them appear smaller. The upside to this is that it should fix the Print Preview issue. Once you make this change and click Apply, open the OpenFlows product. Open an engineering profile and look at the fit-to-page print preview. The entire profile should then appear on the screen.


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