Exporting Transient Results for Multiple Elements

  Product(s): HAMMER
  Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
  Area: Output and Reporting


How can I view or export transient time histories (Graphs) of multiple elements at once?


1) In the Transient Results viewer, Time Histories tab, endpoints must be selected one by one. In the graph, you can click the Data tab and export the results to Excel

2) Statistical results (such as min and max hydraulic grade) on a per-element basis can be export to Excel via File > Export > Excel.

3) Starting with the CONNECT Edition, the Custom Report feature (Report tab) can be used to export multiple transient data tables at once. However, you'll still need to add them one by one, selecting the respective endpoint. There is an export button in the generated report which can export to Excel.

4) This may be possible with the Waterobjects.NET SDK. You must first be part of the Bentley Developer Network. Note that this approach may take a large time investment to understand the HAMMER schema, code structure, and required advanced programming knowledge.

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