WaterGEMS and WaterCAD General FAQs

This is a list of articles containing general FAQs for Bentley WaterGEMS and WaterCAD products.

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Import and Export

How to export a selection set to shapefiles

How to export model elements to shapefiles

Submodel Importing and Exporting



How can I model a backflow preventer?

How does the gas law model work for a hydropneumatic tank in WaterGEMS or WaterCAD ? 

Junction vs. Hydrant

What happens when a tank becomes empty or full?

Why is the HGL in my hydropneumatic tank sometimes very large and beyond the pump control range?



Customizing FlexTables for viewing and reporting data -- Moving, adding, and removing columns

How to filter a FlexTable by Query, Selection Set, or by selecting from drawing pane for reporting, global edits, etc.

New Flextable features in (Water products) and (Storm/Sewer products)



Can I restore a backup file of my model project?

Property grid, Element FlexTable, or other dialog will not open

What is the difference between WaterCAD and WaterGEMS?

Where do I go to change the analysis type, timestep, duration, etc?

Why do I keep getting prompted to compact the database when I open my model? What does this mean?



Active Topology Management

Are minor losses from pipe bends automatically considered?

Building A Model Using ModelBuilder

Can I model fluids other than Water?

Changing symbol size, text height, or line width for elements in a model

Element label editing and automatic numbering

How can I export my GIS-ID's to a shapefile?

Importing a CAD (DXF) Drawing Using Modelbuilder

In the water products, junctions appear to overlay a pipe instead of connecting to it

Inserting or laying out pipe bends

Using EPS Snapshots to apply demand patterns to a steady state simulation 

Modifying and adding entries to Engineering Libraries

My controls aren't being followed. What's going on?

Scenario and Alternative Management

Setting Boolean (True/False) Fields using Model Builder

Should I use the inside diameter or outside diameter for the "diameter" field for my pipes?

Updating A Model Using Model Builder

Updating Source File Using Model Builder

What is the asterisk column in the Alternative Editor Dialog Box used for?

What is the difference between a Simple Control and a Logical Control? What is the difference between simple and logical controls?

When importing a submodel, why do my new elements turn inactive and old elements change their attributes to the defaults in the new scenarios?

Which demands are used for a steady state simulation?

Why are there 2 entries for the same alternative in the dropdown menu in the properties of a scenario? One with an "i" and one without it.


Output & Reporting

Changing drawing style for better viewing of element symbols and annotations

Changing the default property values when creating model

How can I find the total volume of water through a certain element?

How can I remove or display pipe flow arrows?

How do you add color coding or annotation to an element?

Using Fit To Page Printing In The Standalone Platform

What does it mean when an element is "hydraulically disconnected"?

What does the notification "pump cannot deliver desired head" mean?

What is the meaning of the notification "Valve cannot deliver flow", with regards to a Flow Control Valve (FCV)?

When importing a DXF as a background, it does not show up in the model, even when pressing zoom extents.

Why do I get a negative pressure at a high point in my system? Shouldn't the pump add enough head to push the water over the hill?

Why do I see residual mouse trails (visual artifacts) left behind when moving things in the drawing pane?

Why do I sometimes see a negative flow through a pipe?


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