Combine, save and export profiles and graphs from the HAMMER transient results viewer

Product(s): HAMMER
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX and later (features vary)
Area: Output and Reporting



How to export HAMMER transient profile and graph data?
How to save HAMMER transient profiles and graphs?
How to combine multiple transient profiles and graphs?


Export transient profile and graph data

Steps to export by copying and pasting the data:

1. Open a graph.
 2. Open Chart Options.
 3. Select the Chart button.
 4. Select the Series tab.
 5. Select the series you want to copy.
 6. Click on the Data button at the top.
 7. Select the first row heading, hold Shift, select the last row heading.
 8. Press Ctrl+C to copy the data.
 9. Paste the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Save transient profiles and graphs

Graphs and profiles created from the transient results viewer can't be saved as they can with standard graphs and profiles.

Combine transient results

Natively there is no direct way to do this with the Transient Results Viewer, but there are other methods to accomplish this.

Method 1: Combine by including additional scenarios

Time Histories has the option to include additional scenarios, but it would be limited to a single Time History and Graph Type.

Extended Node Data is limited to the same Node and Graph Type.

Method 2: Use the old-style (Java) transient results viewer

This is useful in cases where you'd like to compare transient profile/time series results between scenarios.

1. Switch to the old-style (Java) transient results viewer using the steps in the following article.
How can I use the old-style (Java) transient results viewer?
2. Open time history graph (or profile plot) number 1
3. Right click in the middle of the graph and choose Save As > HAMMER graph - save the .grp file somewhere
4. Close graph (or profile plot) number 1 and go to File > open and reopen it
5. Right click on the frame of the graph and choose "copy data"
6. Open graph (or profile plot) number 2, right click on the frame and choose "paste data (+)".

Note: you may have to adjust the Y axis scale if the pasted data doesn't fit in graph number 2.

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How can I use the old-style (Java) transient results viewer?

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