Automatically assign the Zone property based on calculated pressure zones

Product(s): WaterCAD, WaterGEMS
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX, 10.XX.XX.XX
Area: Modeling


The Pressure Zone Manager tool allows you to automatically assign the "zone" property to all elements within a calculated pressure zone, based on specified zone boundary elements such as valves and pumps. This article details the steps to do so.

Assigning pressure zones to elements

1) Go to Components > Zones and create a name for each zone. For example you might use the name that the utility would typically refer to it as.

2) Open the Pressure Zone Manager tool and Configure the Options tab as needed. refer to the article in the "see also" below for more details.

3) Click the New button to create a new Study for the scenario of interest

4) In the Zone Scope tab, pick the representative element for each zone. Do not use the boundary element (PRV, pump, etc) as the representative element. Instead, use an element that you know is somewhere inside the pressure zone. You may want to change the label of the element. For example "J-7869456" might become “South St. Pump Discharge.”

5) Compute the pressure zone manager study using the green compute button

6) Click the Export   button in the Zone Results tab. You will see a table mapping the calculated pressure zone to a named zone (from step 1). Choose to either overwrite existing zones or update only update unassigned zones. This is referring to elements that may already have the "zone" property populated.

7) Click OK and each element will have its zone property populated based on the pressure zone. For example if you identified element J-1 as being in zone "Main" (in step 4), then J-1 AND all other nodes in the same calculated pressure zone as J-1 will have their Zone property set to "Main".

Note that the zone property does not change over time unless you rerun these steps. Pressure zones can change from scenario to scenario by using a different physical alternative.

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