Catalog Class changing after automated design

Product(s): StormCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, CivilStorm
Version(s): V8i and CONNECT Edition
Area: Modeling


A conduit's Catalog Class is changing after computing automated design (to something different from what was initially selected.)


This can occur if you have more than one Catalog Class with the same Shape and Material. The automated design solver will select available pipe sizes from any Catalog Class that has the same Shape and Material.

This expectation is due in part to User Defined conduits which can also be designed (see article link below) but do not have a catalog class property. So, automated design must consider the shape and material of the user defined conduit and select any available size from any catalog class that has the same shape and material (and there could be more than one with the same shape and material).

For example here we have six Catalog classes, each with the same shape and material.

Three conduits all have "Class 2" initially selected:

Here is the result of the automated design run. Note each conduit now uses sizes from different Catalog Classes:


In this situation, if you need to force conduits to stay within the same class during design, modify the label of the Material of each class to be unique. For example add a suffix. Continuing with the same example as above:

Now, all are using the same catalog class post-design:

Reference #372197

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