How to share a read-only version of a hydraulic model for anyone to view

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, Hammer, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, PondPack
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i


How can I share a hydraulic model with someone who does not have the OpenFlows software, so that they can view the input and results? (or internally view a model without incurring usage?)

Is there a way to provide a model to someone out in the field, so they can use a tablet to see the model in plan view and input data for elements (eg. install date)?


In previous versions, the i-model export functionality could be used alongside Bentley View to accomplish this (in part). The i-model export functionality is no longer available as of version 10.04.XX.XX and later. As of August 2023, a more direct solution for this (for example a web-based model viewer) is currently being evaluated for a future release.

Another possible solution is to export the model to ShapeFile (see this article - it must be done individually for each element type's Flextable) as the ShapeFiles can be consumed by a number of third party applications such as ArcGIS. If you must have the model data in i-Model format, it may be possible to convert the model Shapefiles into an i-Model via iTwin Synchronizer.

If feasible, the user/client that you want to send the model to also has the option of either using a 7-day trial version of the product (see "Trial Licenses" section in here) in order to view the model, or purchase a low pipe-limit (such as WaterCAD 10 pipes) so they can open and view the model. The pipe limit is checked on computing a model, but hydraulic results will still show (without having to compute) if you first compute and save the model, then include the output files when you send the model to the user (use the Save to Package feature to include them in a zip.)

If the organization that needs to view the model has an OpenAccess subscription, they can access all Bentley products and would be able to install the OpenFlows software and open the model. Note that usage fees may be incurred.

Field Operator / Mobile

For a field operator to enter input data, one option is to export element properties to an Excel file and export the hydraulic model to an i-model. A field operator could view the read-only i-model and edit the spreadsheet accordingly. Then the hydraulic model could be updated using the Excel spreadsheet in ModelBuilder.

As of February, 2017 the current commercial release of Bentley Map Mobile on iOS, Android and Windows provides redlining capabilities. See: Send your Hydraulic Model and Results to Anyone Using Bentley Map Mobile Export  However, field data entry via forms is planned, but not yet available.

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