Building a geodatabase from a standalone model

Product(s): WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, HAMMER
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX, 10.XX.XX.XX
Area: ArcMap, ArcGIS


How do you build and maintain a geodatabase file from a model file that was build in standalone? These steps would be used if you were more comfortable with WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, or HAMMER standalone than ArcMap and wanted to create a geodatabase for others to work with.  


*The steps below use WaterGEMS as an example

1) Open WaterGEMS for ArcMap

2) Open the Geotable for all the elements in your model and add all the fields that you'd like your GIS attributes using the edit button.

3) Use the geoprocessing tool in batch mode called "Feature class to Geodatabase" to construct a Geodatabase of all the elements in the model. Enable edit mode to transfer all the fields from the geotable to the feature class attribute table.

4) In ModelBuilder step 3 make sure all the boxes are checked.  In step 5 map the fields that are going to be maintained in sync from the model to the GIS. Use the model "Label" field as your key field during the step 5 mapping, making sure that each label is unique.

5) After setting up the mappings, syncing in and out from and to the model requires the use of the "Sync In" or "Sync Out" icons in the ModelBuilder window.

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