Can I update the data in excel when it’s a datasource in SCADAConnect?

Product(s): WaterGEMS
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX, 10.00.00.XX
Area: Modeling and Data Input


When excel file is selected as the datasource for SCADAConnect, is there any way to update the data in the excel sheet without having to close WaterCAD or deleting SCADA signal?


A workaround is to use the OLEDB data source type, as mentioned below.

  • Use database source as SCADA signal>Edit the connection>select OLEDB source.
  • Click on “….” Button in data source field
  • In the connection properties dialogue, click on change and choose Microsoft Access Database file. Keep the data provider the same as .Net Framework Data provider > Click OK
  • In the Connection properties dialog > Database file name  >Choose the .accdb you are about to use with the REFERENCED TABLE > Leave other fields as their default > Press OK
  • Now you can select the referenced table from the table name list and change it like a static table. 

NOTE : You need to prepare your linked references to be refreshed automatically as per the following link. 

How to update linked tables

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