StormCAD (GVF-Rational Solver) Flow Profile Calculations

Product(s): StormCAD, CivilStorm, SewerGEMS
Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
Area: Calculations


Where can I find documentation on the computation scheme for the StormCAD (GVF-Rational solver) and SewerCAD (GVF-Convex) profile calculations? (hydraulic grade)


StormCAD (GVF-Rational solver) and SewerCAD (GVF-Convex) use the Direct Step Method for flow profile calculations, and do not use the Bernoulli equation. The Direct Step Method is discussed in the textbook Stormwater Conveyance (section 7.8, page 275).

If you need to account for dynamic effects in profile calculations, use the Implicit dynamic or Explicit dynamic (SWMM) numerical solvers in SewerGEMS or CivilStorm.

See Also

Textbook: "Stormwater Conveyance Modeling and Design"

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