Consuming ContextCapture production files within your hydraulic model

Product(s): WaterCAD; WaterGEMS; SewerCAD; SewerGEMS; StormCAD; CivilStorm and HAMMER
Version(s): 10.00.xx.xx
Area: Modeling


This post will present how ContexCapture's final information can enhance your hydraulic model.

Consuming ContextCapture production files within your hydraulic model

ContextCapture can produce surface and terrain models and orthophotos using as base photos, videos and/or laser scan. Bentley's hydraulic modeling solutions can read the terrain extracted by ContextCapture Editor, and the orthophotos images as a background layer.

Regarding the orthophotos produced by ContexCapture, they can be saved in TIF format. See ContextCapture's dialog box:

This production will save this TIF together with a TFW file, that contain coordinate information.

The TFW is a "World" file, which the background layers tool can read for image's positioning:

As said before, ContextCapture Editor application can read the mesh surface produced to extract the digital terrain model. It will save a TIN file:

This TIN file can be used with T-Rex (Terrain Extractor), for elevation extraction. And, exclusively for Sewer/Storm Bentley products, it can be loaded with Terrain Model feature, for dynamic elevation interpretation:

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