SewerGEMS for MicroStation crashes when exporting model to InRoads Drainage file

Product(s): SewerGEMS
Area: Other


SewerGEMS ( for MicroStation V8i (Select Series 3) crashes while exporting model files to InRoads Drainage file.


The crash occurs under following conditions;

1. The model files (.stsw, .sqlite) along with the MicroStation (.dgn) files are stored on the working folder of ProjectWise.

2. The User opens the files directly in SewerGEMS for MicroStation by integrating ProjectWise and MicroStation.

3. The crash occurs for model files containing headwall and channel elements only. Model files containing elements such as conduit, manholes, outfalls etc are exported without errors.

Steps to Reproduce

The typical workflow which would cause this crash is as follows;

1. User opens the .dgn file within SewerGEMS for MicroStation from the integration with ProjectWise where the model files are stored.

2. After opening the .dgn file there may be a prompt to attach the SewerGEMS model file (.stsw). The .stsw file can be found by navigating to the local directory for ProjectWise.

3. Compute the model (SewerGEMS > Analysis > Compute). Save the model (File > Save).

4. Export the model to InRoads Drainage file (SewerGEMS > File > Export > InRoads). Select "No Wizard" for Document Creation.

5. Name the InRoads Drainage file (.sdb) and click "Save". Leave the rest of the fields as they are.

6. MicroStation crashes.


There is a workaround available to export the model files to InRoads Drainage file successfully. Following are the steps to follow;

1. After MicroStation crashes, close the program and navigate to the local ProjectWise directory (from where the .stsw file is attached before computing the model).

2. Delete the files with these extensions; .out, .cul, .bak. These are the output and backup files created when the model was computed. Only preserve the .stsw, .sqlite, .dwh and .dgn files.

3. Export the model to InRoads (File > Export > InRoads). Name the .sdb file of your choosing (E.g. headwall.sdb). Click on "Save".

4. Export successful.

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