Bentley Application Support Policy for PondPack, FlowMaster and CulvertMaster

Product(s): PondPack, FlowMaster, CulvertMaster
Version(s): (PondPack), (FlowMaster), (CulvertMaster)


Bentley has established the following Application Support policy, first announced at the Year in Infrastructure conference 2017:

"With the scheduled availability of its full CONNECT Edition application portfolio, Bentley Systems’ technical support for pre-V8i versions of applications will end on January 1, 2019. The V8i generation of applications was introduced in 2008. Users can be assured that Bentley Systems’ technical support, and support in ProjectWise, for V8i versions of applications will continue until January 1, 2021."

What does this mean for PondPack, CulvertMaster and FlowMaster?


Note: the following is valid as of October, 2019.

CulvertMaster, FlowMaster and PondPack are still developed products; we do not currently have any plans to deprecate them in favor of another product. We will still continue to provide support and address any issues that arise with the latest available versions of these products (including CulvertMaster 3.3).

The end-of-support cutoff date of January 1st, 2019 outlined here applies to versions below V8i, such as PondPack 10.0 and FlowMaster 8.1. CulvertMaster 3.3 is considered V8i generation. Pre-V8i products can still be used and licensed after this date, but Technical Support will not be provided. More information on this policy has been communicated to Bentley users in May, 2018, and is outlined here for desktop applications. Regarding the end-of-support date of January 1st, 2021 for Pre-CONNECT Edition – for PondPack a CONNECT Edition is available as of August, 2018 (version and for FlowMaster, a CONNECT Edition is available as of September, 2018. Be sure to upgrade to achieve continuous support per the policy. For CulvertMaster (currently no CONNECT Edition yet), we plan to address this to ensure that you will still be able to receive Technical Support for the latest versions of these products. Rest assure, your users will not be “stuck”. Support Status can be checked here.

Regarding PondPack: We strongly encourage migrating users of PondPack 10 to the latest version (CONNECT Edition), to take advantage of enhancements and new features, and to enable continued access to Technical Support in 2019. A list of learning resources is available here including an FAQ specifically on moving from V10 to V8i/CONNECT Edition and on-demand training included with a SELECT or ELS subscription. Technical Support can assist with any specific questions or concerns regarding PondPack V8i/CONNECT Edition, and there are numerous articles available in the Wiki.

CivilStorm can be an upgrade path for PondPack in some cases, but is not necessarily intended as a replacement. Although CivilStorm includes pond analysis features and the PondMaker design tool (in addition to other advanced functionality), there are some tools and reporting capabilities in PondPack that may be better suited for users focused on pond design. The general layout of the network is also simpler and can lend to faster pond design for simple systems.

Similarly, although the different types of components available in FlowMaster and CulvertMaster can be modeled in CivilStorm, it can sometimes be very convenient and beneficial to be able to quickly set up a worksheet for a given component. As mentioned above, we will continue to provide Technical Support for the latest versions.