Warning message "…sqlite not found" when opening a model

Product(s): SewerGEMS, WaterGEMS, StormCAD, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, WaterCAD, PondPack, FlowMaster, CulvertMaster
Version(s): Varies


When trying to open a model a message appears stating "…sqlite not found."


When selecting a drawing file (eg. *.stsw or *.wtg) to open a model, the database file (eg. *.stsw.sqlite or *.wtg.sqlite) should be located in the same directory. The file names should also be identical.

When using Onedrive

When Onedrive is used to store the files instead of local drives or network drives this error is seen in some cases. 

The problem could occur during one-drive synchronization, the .wtg file can experience a synchronization error leading to the .wtg file you saved last time being renamed with your laptop name appended. This problem may not occur with the .sqlite file so it will have its original name ( not the name of laptop in file name). Since the correct .wtg and .sqlite file now have different names, they cannot "find" each other and .sqlite not found error is seen.

In such cases, you can make a backup of the .wtg original file which is without laptop name attached (rename it to append new name), and then rename the newer file (with the laptop name attached) by removing your laptop name from its name so the part before the dot is the same as the .wtg.sqlite file.

What are the drawing and database file extensions for the version I'm running?

The files needed to open a model will vary with the application and version that the model was last saved with. Use the table below to determine which files should be provided.

Application Last Version Used to Save the Model Drawing File Database File
CivilStorm 10.XX.XX.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.04.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .stsw .stsw.mdb
08.11.02.XX .csd .csd.mdb
CulvertMaster 03.XX.XX.XX .cvm 1 file only
FlowMaster 10.00.00.XX .fm8 .fm8.mdb
08.11.XX.XX .fm8 .fm8.mdb
08.01.XX.XX .fm8 .fm8.mdb
HAMMER 10.XX.XX.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.06.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.04.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .wtg .wtg.mdb .wtg .wtg.mdb .wtg .wtg.mdb
PondPack 10.00.00.XX .ppc .ppc.mdb
08.11.01.XX .ppc .ppc.mdb .ppw One file only
SewerCAD 10.XX.XX.40 .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.04.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .stsw .stsw.mdb
08.11.02.XX .swc .swc.mdb
SewerGEMS .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .stsw .stsw.mdb
08.11.02.XX .swg .swg.mdb
StormCAD 10.XX.XX.40 .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.04.XX .stsw .stsw.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .stsw .stsw.mdb
08.11.02.XX .stc .stc.mdb
WaterCAD & WaterGEMS 10.XX.XX.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.06.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.05.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.04.XX .wtg .wtg.sqlite
08.11.03.XX .wtg .wtg.mdb

Which version of the application do I have installed?

The version number will be shown on the bottom-left corner in the About dialog.
Use the following steps to find the version of the product you have installed.

CONNECT Edition: Go to File > Help > About [Product]

V8i: Go to Help > About [Product]

What if I don't see the file extension for my model files?

Windows 10: Select the View tab and check "File Name Extensions".
Windows 7: Press [Alt] to display the menus. Go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab > Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types".