Criticality hangs, crashes or displays incorrect list of affected elements

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
Area: Calculations


When attempting to compute Criticality with the "Run hydraulic engine" option selected, the Criticality calculation progress appears to hang after some time, and never completes. Or, the list of "affected elements" in the Criticality results does not appear to be correct for a given segment.

Or: Criticality crashes with the following error:

Method not found: 'Boolean Haestad.Calculations.Pressure.NumericalEngine.Criticality.CriticalityEngineAdapter.OpenCriticalityEngine(Int32*) ...


These situations can occur in a model that has trouble converging (becomes unbalanced) when segments are closed. When an unbalanced timestep occurs, Criticality will attempt to retry with adjusted calculation options to achieve convergence. This can slow down calculation progress and in some cases, cause a hanging condition.

The list of affected elements may not appear correct because, with CONNECT Edition Update 2 and earlier, they are based on the results at the last timestep of an EPS run (if the Criticality scenario is set to EPS).

Starting with CONNECT Edition Update 3 (and the latest cumulative patch set for CONNECT Edition Update 2), there is now better progress indication and handling of unbalanced timesteps during Criticality, and the list of affected elements is now based on the full EPS duration and includes not only fully-disconnected elements, but also elements whose pressure is below the set threshold. (reference # 988632 and 989538) If you need to use Update 2, or if Update 3 is not yet available, please contact Technical Support for the patch.

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