SewerGEMS TechNotes and FAQs

This article provides a list of in-depth TechNotes and FAQs for Bentley SewerGEMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SewerGEMS General FAQs

SewerGEMS for ArcGIS Pro and SewerGEMS for ArcMap FAQs

Overview of SewerGEMS for ArcGIS Pro



Creating User-Defined Profile Settings


LoadBuilder - Flow Monitoring Distribution

Modeling Force Mains with Air Valves in SewerCAD (GVF Convex Solver)

Pump Station and Pump Combination Curves

Running a Long Term Continuous Simulation

SewerCAD (GVF Convex Solver) vs. SewerGEMS/CivilStorm (Implicit and Explicit Dynamic solvers) vs. StormCAD (GVF Rational Solver)?

Transferring Custom Inlets Catalogs, Storm Data, Conduit Catalogs, or Flow-Headloss Curves from One Computer to Another

Understanding the Modified Rational Method

Understanding LoadBuilder

Using Catchment Delineation

Using the Scenario Energy Cost tool in SewerGEMS, SewerCAD and CivilStorm

Why does the profile for the system appear to be at odds with the results for the capacity? (For example, the profile does not show a conduit as being full, but the capacity results indicate that it is.)



Troubleshooting negative pressures at pumps, junctions, & other node elements

Troubleshooting unstable model results using the Explicit SWMM Solver

Troubleshooting unstable model results using the implicit solver


What's New

New Features and Enhancements for OpenFlows products

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