Cannot see the applied DTM in Map of Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD.

Product(s): Bentley® OpenFlowsTm FLOOD
Area: Layout and Data Input


The applied DTM cannot be seen in the Map of Bentley® OpenFlowsTm FLOOD


This issue can occur when you don’t have the latest video card driver version, or the settings are not correct.

Please try the following:

  • The DTM file has embedded information about its coordinate system (e.g. geographical coordinates WGS84) so you will need to change the projection and only load and press OK when the projection dialog appears.

  • Try adding the DTM and then the web map and also the other way around i.e. adding the web map first and then the DTM file.
  • Create a copy of the DTM file
    • Open the copy of the DTM file in notepad and delete the first line (with the PROJ4_STRING keyword).
    • Save the file and load the copy to in Bentley® OpenFlowsTm FLOOD.
    • Then load/add the web map.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of graphic card driver to be able to be compatible with Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD.
    • (in Windows10 go to Device Manager -> select the graphic card and right click Update driver, or alternatively select the graphic card specific software and update from there, or navigate to the manufacturer website and search for the latest drivers).
  • Make sure you have full permission to access the folder in which you have created the in Bentley® OpenFlowsTm FLOOD project / model.
  • Go to Help menu -> Settings and uncheck the OpenGL (Use hardware acceleration) box. Restart Bentley® OpenFlowsTm FLOOD and retry to load the DTM and check if the problem persists.
  • If none of these help then please contact Bentley Technical Support and include the error log file located at "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD\Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD.log"
    • (it can also be one for the corresponding day where the problem occurred, e.g. "Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD.log2019.07.22” for July 22, 2019).

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