OpenFlows FLOOD TechNotes and FAQ's

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OpenFlows FLOOD Overview
Learning Resource Guide for New Users of OpenFlows FLOOD

Difference between OpenFlows FLOOD and HEC-RAS

OpenFlows FLOOD General FAQ's

2D Modeling of Urban Flooding

Layout and Data Input

How to create a digital terrain model in OpenFlows FLOOD

Associating the topography with the domain in OpenFlows FLOOD

Coordinate systems and projections in OpenFlows FLOOD

Creating a computational grid in OpenFlows FLOOD

Creating a new workspace and model domain in OpenFlows FLOOD

Creating a simulation in OpenFlows FLOOD

How to create a curvilinear grid in OpenFlows FLOOD

Starting OpenFlows FLOOD and importing pre-configured examples

Time series input in OpenFlows FLOOD - imposing time-variable rainfall depth

How to enable text editor setup options in OpenFlows FLOOD

How to Export and Import Workspaces

How to input river cross-section data in OpenFlows FLOOD

Modelling and Integration

Running a model simulation in OpenFlows FLOOD

How to run FLOOD using inflow Hydrographs from Catchments modeled in CivilStorm/SewerGEMS

Bringing a Hydraulic Model from OpenRoads Designer to OpenFlows FLOOD

Integrating SewerGEMS or CivilStorm with OpenFlows FLOOD for 2D simulations

Couple a CivilStorm/SewerGEMS with Open channels to OpenFlows FLOOD

Using Hydrology from SWMM during the flood modeling

How to restart a simulation from a previously computed simulation in FLOOD

How to utilize NOAA Atlas 14 storm data in OpenFlows FLOOD

Runoff Comparison between CivilStorm / SewerGEMS and OpenFlows FLOOD

Coastal applications

Global tidal solution for coastal hydrodynamics

How to setup a coastal flooding simulation in OpenFlows FLOOD

How to setup the model time step in MOHID Water engine

How to simulate pollutant partitioning in coastal waters

Input wave parameters in a coastal simulation

Lagrangian model output results

Submodel nesting in coastal model applications


Using the "Smooth" tool on a digital terrain model in OpenFlows FLOOD


Inlet Capture analysis in the 1D/2D modeling


Exploring model results in OpenFlows FLOOD

Visualizing mapped outputs in OpenFlows FLOOD

How to visualize OpenFlows FLOOD output (.hdf5 files) in LumenRT


OpenFlows FLOOD error code list

Cannot see applied DTM in Map of Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD


What’s New

What's New in OpenFlows FLOOD (

What's New in OpenFlows FLOOD (

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