Starting OpenFlows FLOOD and importing pre-configured examples

  Product(s): OpenFlows FLOOD
  Area: Layout and Data Input


This article will discuss how to start OpenFlows FLOOD and how to import data

Download the OpenFlows FLOOD Workspace before starting



Start OpenFlows FLOOD by selecting Start -> Bentley -> OpenFlows FLOOD.

You can alternatively use the icon on your desktop.


We will import an existing workspace to OpenFlows FLOOD database, and to do that proceed as following:

  • Click on “Manage” (inside “Workspace” group from the “Project” tab) > “Import…”


Figure 1 – Workspace Management dialog menu (importing an existing workspace)

  • Select the path to the demo workspace file (*.ows) downloaded above, and insert it in the “Project File Name” (you can write it manually, or use the   button to select it by mouse navigation).
  • Select the path to be used as target for the root of the project files included in the workspace (the previously created folder “C:\OpenFlows FLOOD Quick Start Guide\Projects”.
  • Click on   button to start the Import process

Now if you click on “Manage” (inside “Workspace” group) you should be able to see the imported workspace in the List of Workspaces.

NOTE: If a workspace with the same name of the workspace to import already exists, the newly imported workspace is automatically renamed (example: Graz_1).

Finally, we must open the imported Workspace:

  • click “Open” in the “Workspace” group.

Figure 2 – Workspace manager (loading existing workspace)

  • With the option “Load existing Workspace” checked, click on the imported Workspace and then click “OK”.

This action will also load the model project to the Project’s “Explorer” tab.

Press on the triangles ( ) to expand the tree view in the “Explorer”. Your screen should now look like shown in the next figure.

Figure 3 – Explorer tab - overview