Using the "Smooth" tool on a digital terrain model in OpenFlows FLOOD

Product(s): OpenFlows FLOOD


This article will cover how to use the smooth tool on your digital terrain model


The tool “Smooth” tries to smooth digital elevation models by reducing slopes between cells computing a new elevation based on neighbor’s average value, and therefore, minimize numerical instabilities.

This tool can be used by:

  • Select Toolbox > Grid Data > Smooth. A dialog menu appears in the right part of the screen (check next image).

Figure 1 – Smooth Grid Data Tool


  1. Select Grid Data
  • Select the original DTM to smooth and the new file to be generated.

  1. Options
  • Select the radius that is the number of neighbor levels around the cell to consider. If 1 will use 8 cells (2 neighbors in x, 2 in y and 4 in the corners), if 2, will use 16 cells that are the first 8 plus the direct neighbors of these, and so on. By default, the option is 3.
  • Define the factor that determines the weight given to the cell elevation (it will give (1-factor) to the neighbors’ average elevation).

  1. Select Region
  • Define if want to apply the computation to entire grid or to a defined area only.
  • If computing in a defined area, select the polygons (which need to be previously loaded to the workspace to be visible here) to use as selecting the area.

  1. Persist changes
  • Hit the button to start processing.