"The transient results file doesn’t contain any time history data ..."

Product(s): HAMMER
Version(s): V8i, CONNECT Edition
Area: Calculations


When attempting to view time history results for a transient simulation in the Transient Results Viewer, the following message appears and no results are available:

“The transient results file doesn’t contain any time history data. This data can be acquired by enabling the relevant option in the Transient Solver Calculation Options and then re-running the transient analysis.”


This issue is likely due to the settings in the transient calculation options. This is located under Analysis > Calculation Options. Double click on the calculation option set under the "transient solver" section that has the red check mark next to it (indicating it is set in the currently active scenario).

Check the "Report Points" option - if it is set to "No Points", this means it will not save any time history data. Change this to "Selected points", then use the "report points collection" field under it to select specific key elements that you want to graph. Use the ">" button under the "add" section to add them to the right side, to indicate that they are points you want to report.

Next, in the calculation options check the "Run Duration Type" . If needed, change the "run duration type" to "Time", then enter the duration In seconds in the field under it.

Once the timestep options are set correctly, re-compute the transient simulation, check the user notifications to ensure that the run was successful, then try opening the transient results viewer again.

Note for profile animations, ensure that the "Generate Animation Data" calculation option is set to "true", and that you have profiles saved that cover active elements. 

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