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Product(s): OpenFlowsTm WaterOPSTm
Version(s): 10.02.xx.xx


OpenFlowsTm WaterOPSTm uses the SCADAConnect SImulator tool from WaterGEMS with a streamlined user interface that enables operational engineers to easily use the model for operations. If you already have an existing WaterGEMS or WaterCAD model, you simply need to open the model to get started.

WaterOPS enables you to analyze various what-if scenarios for a system using live or historical SCADA data tied directly to your SCADA system. This includes:

Analyzing events like fire response, pipe breaks, and pump outages

You will be able to apply events like fire events, pipes breaks, and pump outage to live data in a model to test different strategies and assure that the system is able to manage events like this.


Managing pipe closures

You will be able to model potential pipe closures to determine what impact the closure will have on customers.


Testing model operations

You can apply demand adjustments and control overrides to better model the impact of existing or potential changes to the system. In addition, you will be able to monitor energy use and simulate water quality runs, such as water age and constituent concentration.


Powerful presentation options are available for WaterOPS, such as viewing outage areas for a pipe break. Element symbology options, like annotations and color coding, are also available, enabling you to quickly view the impact of events in the system, and graph features that enable you to assess how the model is operating against known data. 


For more information on downloading this release, please see the following article:

Downloading OpenFlows | Hydraulics and Hydrology Software (A WaterOPS license is required to use this product.)

For more information OpenFlows WaterOPS, see this article: Real-time Operational Decision Support.

Learning Resource Guide for users of WaterOPS

  • Learning Resource Guide for users of WaterOPS

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