Learning Resource Guide for users of OpenFlows SewerOPS

Product(s): OpenFlowsTM SewerOPSTM
Version(s): Various
Area: Help and Documentation

The purpose of this article is to provide a list of resources for new and existing users of OpenFlows SewerOPS. Please use these links to gain a better understanding of the software. If you have any further questions, please post on the OpenFlows Forum.

What's New in the latest version? - As new versions are released, typically an article is published with details of the new features. You can find such articles here: OpenFlows SewerOPS TechNotes and FAQ's

Downloading and Installation - For information on how to download the latest version of the product see here: Downloading OpenFlows | Hydraulics and Hydrology Software

Licensing (Activation) - Information and Troubleshooting guide for licensing can be found here : OpenFlows Product Licensing (Activation) FAQ's and Troubleshooting

OpenFlows SewerOPS Training Content

Coming soon

OpenFlows SewerOPS Example files and Quick Start Lessons

There are sample files available for SewerOPS in the installation folder, found at C:\Program Files\Bentley\SewerOPS\Samples. The file CSO-RTC-ExampleStart.stsw is associated with a Quick Start Lesson that walks through setting up Control Overrides to minimize overflows in a system. The Quick Start Lesson can be found by going to File > Help > Quick Start Lessons.

Another sample file can be used to view 2D results based on an OpenFlows FLOOD model. This file is found at C:\Program Files\Bentley\SewerOPS\Samples\C:\Program Files\Bentley\SewerOPS\Samples\Example 8B\Example8B.stsw. The following link includes a brief overview for viewing 2D results based on this sample file: 

OpenFlows Calendar - Upcoming live training and new product release dates: OpenFlows Calendar

OpenFlows Community Wiki - Comprehensive collection of articles on specific questions, topics and problems. Using the search bar from within the wiki will search for all articles for OpenFlows products: OpenFlows Wiki

OpenFlows Forum - This forum provides a place to ask questions and contribute to discussions on OpenFlows products:  OpenFlows | Hydraulics and Hydrology Forum

Free Webinars - Video webinars on various features in WaterGEMS and WaterCAD (and other products): Bentley Webinars

Alerts on new releases and updates- Subscribe to our blog or check the CONNECTION Client for new release alerts: How to receive alerts on new version availability

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