View 2D results from OpenFlows FLOOD in SewerOPS

Product(s): SewerOPS
Version(s): CONNECT Edition
Area: Modeling


OpenFlows SewerOPS is ideal for operators to model various real-time or forecast events that may impact a storm or sewer system. One of the tools available in SewerOPS is the ability to view 2D model results obtained from OpenFlows FLOOD. Note: the sample below uses the SewerOPS sample file found at C:\Program Files\Bentley\SewerOPS\Samples\Example 8B\Example8B.stsw.


2D model results can be incorporated into a SewerGEMS or CivilStorm file with OpenFlows FLOOD, allowing an operating to view the extent of overland flow and flooding due to a given event. You can find details on how SewerGEMS/CivilStorm and OpenFlows FLOOD work together at the following link: Integrating SewerGEMS or CivilStorm with OpenFlows FLOOD for 2D Simulations.

Once the data is integrated, you can open the model in SewerOPS. Compute the model. To view the 2D results, go to View tab in the Ribbon and select 2D Modeling > View 2D Results.

Once this is done, you will see a grid over the model in the drawing pane. This represents where the 2D results for will be displayed. Note that the SewerOPS elements are still visible, so you will be able to account for where flooding may occur in relation to existing elements in the model.

To display the results, go to the Home tab and select Times. This is the Time Browser, where you can animate the results in the model over time or simply set forward to a time of interest. Animating the model with the Time Browser, you will see when the flooding will start and see the extent of the flooding as you move forward in time. Below is the results for this sample at 3 hours from the start of the simulation.

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