Publish to OpenFlows Viewer Tool Produces "unauthorized client" Error

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, Hammer 
Area: Output and Reporting


There is an option in the "Bentley Cloud Services" ribbon called "Publish to OpenFlows Viewer", but the following error occurs when trying to use it after computing a model:

A separate web browse page opens and displays the following error:

Error 400
Unknown client or client not enabled


The "Publish to OpenFlows Viewer" option was accidentally included in this specific version, and is not ready to be used. It was meant for Bentley internal use only as of this version.

For now you can ignore this tool. In the future it may be re-enabled or replaced with similar cloud-viewing functionality. Subscribe to the OpenFlows Blog for updates on new product releases.

Note also that this ribbon option has been removed in the latest cumulative patch set for version Contact Technical Support for patches. 

If you have a need for another user to view your model file without using OpenFlows software, see below.

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