How to enable text editor setup options in OpenFlows FLOOD

Product(s): OpenFlows FLOOD
Area: Configuration


This article will cover the necessary steps to enable configuration of an OpenFlows FLOOD simulation files using the text editor as opposed to a graphical user interface (property grid). 

OpenFlows FLOOD's version 10.03 has introduced a new and much more user friendly method to configure computational options and simulation setup, by replacing the text editor manual configuration by a graphical interface that handles the generation of the text configuration files required by the computational engines to read the options and compute the simulation.

This new development greatly improves the workflow of setting up a model simulation, and greatly reduces configuration errors. Nevertheless, not all the computational options available in FLOOD’s numerical engines are available from the graphical user interface, so in some cases, it may be necessary to re-enable the text editor configuration to be able to access those functionalities.


Go to the "droplet icon" on the top left corner and click Settings. Then un-select the option "Use property grid to edit model configuration files".

This will allow you to edit the model configuration files manually and add options that are not available via the user interface.

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