WaterSight - Sensor Status

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

Select how to display the Sensors

 Sensor Status Map (this page)
 Sensor Overview

This page displays a color coded status of all configured sensors on a map.

The color coding is based on the percentage of arrived signal readings compared to the expected number of readings in a given period.

Sensor Status

Sensors listed on the right side menu are color coded according to the following:

Category Symbol Description
No Data  No sensor reading at all in the specified Time-Range
Partial data  Up to 75% of the expected sensor readings arrived
OK  More than 75% of the expected sensor readings arrived

Selected Sensor

When clicking a sensor on the map or selecting a sensor from the list located on the right side menu, a sensor chart with sensor reading for the previous 24 hours is shown below the map together with more information on the right side menu:

ID: The SCADA signal tag name associated with the sensor.

Value: The sensor value of the latest signal reading.

LatestThe timestamp of the latest signal reading.

By clicking in Open Details the user will be redirected to the sensor details page


Clicking in the   icon located on the right side menu to search for a specific sensor. Restricts the displayed sensors to the text fragment entered into the search field.


Clicking in   icon located on the right side menu to filter sensors. It is used to control the way the sensor list is displayed.

Sort By Description
Alphabetic Sorts the list of sensors ascending in alphabetical order
Status Groups the list by status and sorts within groups in alphabetical order
Measurement Groups the list of sensors by their measurement and sorts within the group in alphabetical order

Status Description
No data Sensors not receiving any signals
Partial data Sensor where up to 75% of expected signals arrived
OK Sensor reporting properly

Measurement: The sensor measurement is configured under Sensor Configuration, under Administration.

Tag: see the sensors displayed by user defined groups. User defined groups or Tags are defined in the Sensor Configuration, under Administration.


Use the map controls to control the visibility of pipes and to define the assessment period. 

Pipes Turn on or off pipes. 

Define the period which sensor status are evaluated. By default sensor status are evaluated considering last 24 hour period, but user can choose to assess sensor status in the last 3 hours or in the last 7 days. 

If you are looking for more information about WaterSight, please go to OpenFlows WaterSight TechNotes and FAQ's.