WaterSight - Fire Event

Product(s): WaterSight
Version(s): 10.00.
Area: Documentation

Manages the fire event computational settings and access to results.


Item Description
Critical customers affected Number of affected customers that are marked as critical in their customer record
Total customers affected
Customers with zero pressure Number of Customers that are not supplied at have no pressure at all
Customers with low pressure Number of Customers that are below the min pressure specified for the digital twin
Pressure at Fire node Pressure at the fire node in the units setup for the digital twin


Open a modal dialog to enter the settings to start the fire event simulation with.

Demand Node

The label of the node the fire flow demand is added to for the simulation.

Simulation type

Allows to switch between Steady State and Extended Period


Additional flow demand at the selected fire event node in flow units setup for the digital twin.

Start time

The start time of the extended period simulation.


The duration the flow demand is required at fire node for the extended period simulation.


Starts the fire event computation.


Closed the settings dialog without starting a computation and discards changes.

... (Options menu)

Option Description
Full screen Open the detailed list of affected customers in full-screen mode.
Download CSV Download the short list of affected customers as CVS file

Affected Customers

The list of customers affected by the fire event. 

Column Description
ID The billing ID of the affected customer
Name The name of the customer

When hovering the list, the current customer is highlighted on the map (pops out).


Color coded display of affected customers at their location.

Color Description
Red Customers at zero pressure
Yellow Customers below the minimum pressure specified in the Digital Twin Settings